After I’m Gone

I’m told and I know that:

When I’m gone, the sun will still shine,

The birds will do sing and fly like gravity is not a thing.

I know that time will go on, second to second

And all that was, will no longer be mine

Oh it’s sad to know that when I’m gone

All my memories will go with me into the ground

Into the depths of darkness, I haven’t yet been

A terrifying thought, the memories I didn’t create covered by a mound

Never to be seen

How will I live on?

Through a tree I plant today that will stretch  branches like arms to the sun?

Through the shade it will give a man or beast from the blaze?

And its flowers offering sweet nectar for the honey, a bee will make you

But I’m  worried  if you’ll realise it

If you’ll realise that we live on in the passions we had

I’ll still be here in these words I shared

The child’s mind I changed to love a flying bird

The hearts I touched and those I met and loved

I’ll still live even as I’ve flowed with the streams of water

Do you realise we still have more to do?

When I think of time I’m in awe

It never ends but we do, Someday we will soon

If only I can open your mind to loving what you see around you

Touching it and leaving your handprints or paws because,

Time and tide wait for no man…




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