Make everyday EARTH Day with Trash-Walks!

April the 22nd is World Earth Day. Earth day was founded by an American Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970 and since then, it has become the largest urban movement for environmental concern. I hope this post will interest you in checking the website and joining in the fight to do what we can while we can for our planet.

I was recently inspired by a neighbor who lives in the house opposite our home. Her name is Nyasha and she is a Physiotherapist. I met her a few weeks ago as we walked home from our Kombi ride. , we exchanged numbers and became friends. I later learned from her WhatsApp status that she was mobilizing ladies from her church to collect plastic bottles and glass for recycling. I thought it was a very good initiative, especially when she told me that the recycling was all for a good cause, raising money to assist women with breast cancer in October. This was just perfect for me, two causes I support merged into one action, I had to join!


I have started making my birding walks around my neighborhood “birding-trashwalks”. My first day was very good, I filled up a huge refuse sack with bottles in just half an hour of walking and on just one street. Imagine how much more is out there! What was really nice was having my four year old nephew join us for the walk, it was an exciting competition for who gets more to him, and a chance for me to instill the values of environmental stewardship in him. Some people were curious and asked us what we were collecting, that was a good opportunity to try and inspire them to do the same in just 5 seconds before the passed by. All in all, this was a great start to my day and I urge everyone to join us on this mission.


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For the sake of our environment we all need to act now. Plastic pollution is at an all time high, our oceans ate teeming with more pieces of plastic than wildlife and our land is choking from the amount we toss out without a care. We need to not just talk the three Rs but get ups and do them already! From the World Earth Day website, one can start by signing the pledge to reduce their plastic consumption. Firstly, you will calculate your average plastic usage and then you will know just how much plastic products you use in your life per year, then you will make a pledge to reduce it by next year. It is also imperative for us to learn how to reuse plastic products that we absolutely cannot avoid purchasing. we surely can reuse plastic bags and containers around the house for storage and other things  And last but not least, let us commit to recycling our own and also our community’s waste. Find out about the recycling centers in your area and partner with them.


If you are in Bulawayo, or Zimbabwe, and you are wondering about how you can get involved and help Nyasha and the New Covenant Church Ladies like I have decided to, it is very easy. Just always have a trash bag or sack ready wherever you go and when its full, contact Nyasha on Facebook page or contact her on +263 772 914 910 or otherwise contact me. These ladies are making just 8c for each kilogram they bring in, they need all the support and all the trash in our city to make enough money for supporting women battling breast cancer. This is a worthwhile cause guys, plus Nyasha will give you a new trash bag with everyone you bring her. It is something new and fun to add to your day, even for just 15 mins of your day, it will go along way. I will be joining my neighbor going forward and I promise you, she will be an expert birder in just a month. Lets make everyday earth day and clean our environment. 


“Do a little bit of good where you are; its those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”  – Archbishop Desmond Tutu

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