A little hide at Lake Panic

I visited the Kruger National Park in November of 2018. I had always wanted to one day visit the world-famous Kruger but it seemed to me like a distant dream I had no road map to. It was a dream come true, a living adventure for me to travel to the Kruger for the Raptor … Continue reading A little hide at Lake Panic

Fascinated by Vultures – Bettina’s Story

1.Tell us about yourself. Hi, I am Bettina Boemans, 36 years old. I come from Duisburg, Germany where I with my parents and sister. I studied mechanical and environmental engineering and  I work as an engineer for a steel production company in my city. When I was younger I enjoyed taking part in lots of sports like … Continue reading Fascinated by Vultures – Bettina’s Story

Saving the Rain-maker Bird

Birds themselves are so interesting and intelligent, and they give many cues without being verbal, so they such great things.  ~Bibhu Mohapatra~ The Southern Ground Hornbill (Bucorvus leadbeateri) (hereafter referred to as SGH) is a bird of high cultural importance in many southern African communities. It is called the rain bird and a strong belief that … Continue reading Saving the Rain-maker Bird

An Asian girl in Raptor Biology

'A Ship in Harbor Is Safe, But that Is Not What Ships Are Built For' -John A. Shedd- Anisha is a Nepali girl who believes in simplicity and humanity. She is also a graduate student in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln studying prey selection in migratory birds of prey. She is an avid traveler, tree hugger, nature lover and most importantly … Continue reading An Asian girl in Raptor Biology